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This diamond engagement ring guide is designed to assist you step by step the buying process. We'll cover important aspects such as establishing your budget, educating yourself about diamonds, and selecting a ring setting. But first, you must understand the elements of an engagement ring, which consists of a GIA or AGS graded diamond and the engagement ring setting.

 Engagement Ring Guide

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   The Elements of an Engagement Ring

The diamond will most likely account for most of the overall cost of the ring. Educating yourself on the four Cs will ensure the making of an informed decision.

The setting, also referred to as the head, is the part that holds the diamond in place and is manufactured to fit the size and shape of the diamond you choose. The two main types are either prong or bezel settings. With round diamonds, you will have an option of either four or six-prong. A four-prong setting shows a bit more diamond, while a six-prong setting offers a slight security advantage.

The band, also referred to as the engagement ring setting, is available in a variety of styles from the classic solitaire to diamond accented styles. Your choices of metals are 14k white or yellow gold, 18k white or yellow gold, and platinum.Some engagement settings are also available in two-tone.

Now that you've covered all the components to an engagement ring, follow the simple guidelines below, and you'll be ready to pick the perfect ring to last a lifetime:



Diamonds vary greatly in price, but there is most certainly a diamond to fit your taste and budget. The idea that a man should spend roughly two months' salary on a diamond engagement ring is a widely accepted convention. Learn about the various options available to you before you set a budget. You'll be faced with decisions about the shape of the diamond, the setting style, and the choice of metal.



The choice of the engagement setting is as important as the diamond itself. In this section, we will cover various ring styles ranging from the classic solitaire to diamond accented settings, and also analyze the various setting techniques used to create the overall style of the ring. Click here to learn more about engagement settings.



The next step in buying an engagement ring is to educate yourself on each of the four Cs: Cut, Clarity, Carat and Color,and how each of these can affect price. By understanding these qualities you can determine which traits are most important to you, and you can find a balance between them that best suits your needs. Click here to learn how to pick the perfect diamond.



This is one of the most important purchases of your life. DiamondBuy is committed to assisting you in making the right decision. But beyond the uncompromising quality and lasting value you'll receive from DiamondBuy, you can also rest assured that you are about to establish a life long relationship with a trusted and respected jeweler. Click here to learn more about what to expect when you purchase your engagement ring from DiamondBuy.

After reading the above guide, be sure to check out our Build Your Engagement Ring tool, where you will be able to pick the ring you want and view it with the diamond that meets your requirements. Just follow the easy three-step process in building the engagement ring of your dreams.


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