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Diamonds purchased through DiamondBuy are accompanied by their original certificate, also referred to as a diamond grading report, diamond dossier®, or diamond quality report. These certificates are available online for review. An appraisal document can also be included upon request.

What is a Certificate?
A diamond certificate is prepared by an independent third party laboratory and verifies that a diamond is genuine and provides an evaluation of a diamond's characteristics. A certificate will contain a complete quality description of the diamond and will include information on shape, weight, color, clarity, fluorescence, measurements, proportions and overall finish.

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Certificate and Lab
 DiamondBuy diamonds are graded by the two most reputable and respected laboratories in the industry, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL). For your peace of mind, every loose diamond sold by DiamondBuy has been thoroughly analyzed and graded by either of these independent laboratories. These two laboratories have demonstrated a long history of strict, consistent, and unbiased diamond grading.

Click on the following links for a detailed explanation of the contents of each report:

GIA Diamond Grading Report

GIA Diamond Dossier®
AGSL Diamond Quality Document Appraisal Document

View Certificates While Shopping
At DiamondBuy , you can view certificates for many of the diamonds we offer. If you are interested in a diamond and a certificate is not available for viewing, contact one our professionals toll free at (800)  214 -4036 or email us.


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