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Learn to Choose a Diamond She Will Adore

DiamondBuy offers over 40,000 high quality diamonds that are sure to fit your budget and quality requirements. In this section, we provide a tool for selecting the shape and determining the right size to fit your budget. Read on and you will also get valuable information about the 4Cs of diamond quality.

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Choose Your Diamond Shape & Size


The shape and size of a diamond are probably the easiest to determine. The most popular shapes are round and princess-cuts, but emerald and asscher-cut diamonds have been rapidly increasing in popularity. Use the tool below to view the various shapes and sizes of diamonds offered at DiamondBuy:

1. Select Diamond Shape

Round Princess Emerald Marquise Radiant Pear Heart Asscher Oval Cushion

1.00 ct Round


2. Select Diamond Size

Starting Price: $1,001
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0.50 ct
0.75 ct
1.00 ct
1.50 ct
2.00 ct



Learn about the 4 C's of Diamond Quality
The four most popular factors used to measure diamond quality are cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Read this section and you'll be ready to search our diamond database and select a diamond that's right for you.





Cut is the most important of the "Four Cs". Learn more about cut and its impact on brilliance and how to select the best cut for your budget.

Colorless diamonds are the most desirable since they allow the most sparkle. Learn how color affects a diamond and how to choose the best stone for your budget.

Clear diamonds create more brilliance and are more valuable. Learn how to find the best clarity grade for your budget.

Carat is the most basic of the "Four Cs". Because large diamonds are more rare, they have a greater value. Learn how carat impacts price and the look of a diamond.

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